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5 Things You Did in Your Sorority That Will Help You in an Interview

5 Things You Did in Your Sorority That Will Help You in an Interview

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girl is waiting Some of the greatest years of my life were spent in college, and most of that was due to my wonderful sorority. Being in a chapter helped me to develop into the professional woman I needed to become after graduating. Within months of graduation, I nabbed a salaried job with benefits. I was able to sell myself well in my interviews, and I can thank my college experience for that confidence.  Here are five things I did in my sorority that helped me in my interview process.

1. Rush

Rush is when sororities allow co-eds to visit the chapter and meet members.  Rush is an interview to get an offer to pledge a sorority. Members ask the interviewee questions during social meetings. As a sorority member, you have been on both sides of the fence. When you are searching for a job you are technically ‚Äúrushing‚Äù a company, and they are asking you the questions! Know what they want in a candidate, come prepared with strong answers.

2. Living with Different Personality Types

Living in a sorority community helps to develop your personality. When you enter college, you are still developing social facets of your persona.  In a house full of unique personality types, you learn quickly to develop your voice, command a room, have a sense of humor, and roll with the punches. Use these personality skills in an interview with charm and sensibility.

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3. Proper Etiquette

Proper etiquette was still taught in my sorority. Knowing how to act appropriately when meeting someone removes social anxiety. We learned professional manners as the proper way to shake hands, looking people in the eye, how to introduce people the right way, and pulling out a chair for someone next to you at a meal. Good manners go far, people notice, and it exudes class. If you have a lunch interview, practice what you learned. If you know what you are doing in a social situation, you will relax and be yourself.

4. Charity

Every sorority has a specific charity they support. In our house, we worked for Children’s Cancer Research. Fundraising and charity are a team effort; this is a key thing to talk about in an interview when discussing your team skills and what role you played in fundraising projects. Charity work is well respected, and valued do not underestimate it as a job skill.


5. Leadership

I held several offices in my sorority that included managing a yearly budget, calendar planning, and social networking. Offices in a sorority are a non-paid job with skill sets. You can spin this in an interview regarding your past responsibilities and how they can apply to the company’s open position.


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