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“No Report” & Why It’s Bad For Your Chapter

“No Report” & Why It’s Bad For Your Chapter

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no report One of the worst things that can happen to a sorority is when a chairperson or officer says “”no report”” at the chapter meeting. Many of the girls who joined a sorority take great pride in the group and really take time out of their busy schedules to make sure they are at those meetings every time. The words “”no report”” not only scream unprofessional, they tell the group of girls more about the leaders on the sorority than they could ever imagine. Here are just a few reasons why the “”no report”” is bad for your chapter.


Many girls in the sorority take time each week to help improve life around the chapter. They take part in different social fundraisers, help with community service, and spend time recruiting new pledges when they can. These take a lot of effort, and the reward is a bond these girls will most likely share with each other for a lifetime. Those chapter meetings however can really tell a lot about a group and its members. It is a given that during the meetings some members will forget to turn off their phones or wear the wrong clothing, but when an officer of the sorority says “”no report”” during the meeting, it is a real problem.


These girls that have been a part of the sorority for a while elected these leaders because they felt they believed in the values of the organization just like they do. They also believed that when they choose these officers that these girls would make an effort to better the sorority by working diligently on improving different areas of the chapter. The majority of the girls attending these chapter meeting often have to move around their schedules in order to be there. These chapter meetings are often quite long and involve reports, notes, and concerns from previous meetings.

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These girls get dressed up and proudly support the sorority at these meetings, expecting those officers to provide some inside into short and long term goals of the chapter. They come to those meetings to hear what these officers have to say, and want to support the leaders in any way they can. When a committee person is up to speak and they simply say “”no report””, it is like letting the air out of the balloon. Those two words have such a negative impact on the moral of these girls it goes far reaching that just frustration at the meeting.

When a chairperson tells the group “”no report””, they are basically saying that they really have not had any time since the last meeting to really focus on anything sorority related. Even though they might appear to value their position, the underlying tone with the girls is now that the leaders have let them down. This can really hurt the overall structure of the sorority.

When a committee person tells the chapter “”no report””, many girls in attendance feel that the position is not relevant with the elected official. They are telling the girls that the position looks great on their resume, and they can do what they want with that power. They come off as lazy and lose the respect of girls by uttering those simple two words.

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