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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Greek Life

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Greek Life

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Joining a fraternity in college has many benefits, both immediate and long-term.  So if you are a young man looking for an amazing college experience, check out the Greek life on your campus.


membership application form Fraternities became more prevalent after World War II, with the G.I. Bill providing a way for many young men to enter college.  The Greek life actually started back in 1776 at William and Mary College with a secret group called Phi Beta.  Phi Beta eventually went ‚Äòpublic‚Äô and the Greek movement began to spread.  Nowadays, fraternity life is a little different, with more of a focus on social awareness, unity and leadership.  Greek life has shed the ‚ÄòAnimal House‚Äô aspects of its infancy and grown into a responsible group of young men building for the future with other young men of similar beliefs.

So if you are looking for endless parties and women, Greek life may not be for you.  If you are looking for a group of individuals focused on community spirit, leadership and scholarship to enhance your college experience, then the Greek life is for you.  The benefits of being in a fraternity are huge and can lay the foundation for a successful career after you graduated.  First, there are the people you can meet.  Friendships that will last a lifetime and help out after college when trying to find a job.  Being in a fraternity also looks great on a resume.  Fraternities have a reputation among employers as producing good members of society.  Greek life acts as a support system as well.  Most fraternities require a minimum GPA be maintained for membership.  This keeps the members focused and driven.  Community service is a huge part of the Greek life.  If you enjoy helping others and giving back, you would make a perfect fit.  Fraternities often organize charity drives and social gatherings to raise money for a slew of foundations and causes.  As if that was not enough, it is usually less expensive to live in a Fraternity house and you have a better chance of being with other guys who share your interests (nobody likes just getting assigned a random roommate in the dorms).  The Greek life is full of benefits and you should sign up now.


Fraternities are the way to go in college these days.  Gone is the reputation of the past, Greek life has developed into what it was always supposed to be: a group of like-minded young men building towards a better future for everyone.  If you want the best college experience available and a head start on your future, then join a fraternity.  Don‚Äôt hesitate, your friends are waiting for you.

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