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Top 5 Places to Throw a Destination Formal

Top 5 Places to Throw a Destination Formal

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Formal dancingIts formal time! The season is here and it is time to show why your frat still rules the school, but if you want to do that you are going to have to do a little bit better than the local VFW hall or the school gym. The new thing on the radar of fraternities nationwide is destination formals, a formal dance at a venue where you can be show your Greek pride while being just as proud of the locale. I know what you may be thinking: “”to heck with this, buddy. I’m not a party planner.”” Well, if you want to keep the best a brightest coming to your frat and the hottest ladies coming through your door you better change that attitude.Here are a list of the top five sites to throw a destination formal:


1. Charter Boat: I bet that this one wasn’t the first one that you thought of. Whether it is a chartered boat going around a local lake or a cruise heading to another city, the ambiance of the moonlight reflecting off the water will make your party boat the cool bus to an unforgettable formal.

2. Parks and Recreation: No, not the TV show. Many national and state parks are in the middle of a budget crisis and are available for rent on the cheap. They often come with cabins, beautiful lakefronts, and even large granges where your frat can get their dance on. Just don’t feed the bears.

3. The Club: This may seem obvious, but dance clubs are ideal for dancing. Some of the more exclusive nightclubs may be available for private affairs for less than you would think. Imagine all those weekends where you and your buddies have stood in line waiting to get into one of those

Place for formal

4. Sports Field: Football season is over, which means that stadiums are figuring out what to do with the other 8 months of the year. Their loss is your gain! Food and beverage outlets will provide easy catering and you can infuse your formal with all the enthusiasm of your frat brothers’ accomplishments on the field.

5. The Beach, Boys!: There is one sure way to etch your formal forever in the minds of your brothers and their dates… the perfect beachfront location. The beach can be a great place for a dance, and with the right mixture of alcoholic beverages a wild after-party. with bonfires and impromptu nighttime volleyball

It doesn’t matter which one you pick, bro, because you cannot lose. Each of these locations gives an experience that the in-house parties of your Greek competition is completely missing out on. While it may take some time to save up the funds for such an extravagant formal, you will also find the guys and gals much more willing to pay at the door. Make your formal a destination and the rest will take care of itself.

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