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Engaging Alumni Outside of Homecoming

Engaging Alumni Outside of Homecoming

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Happy fraternitiesAfter graduation fraternity and sorority members usually go their separate ways to seek what will be the next chapter in their lives. Once everyone gets busy there seems to be no time to get together except during the homecoming weekend. It takes some effort to stay connected to frat brothers and sorority sisters, but it can be done. One way to help members stay connected is to encourage those who live within a couple of hours  from one another to meet regularly. Local groups of fraternity and sorority members can form around special projects and activities that will keep them busy  and in touch throughout the year.

Fraternity and sorority members can use local group activities to serve the community. Everyone looks forward to a great gala or fundraising event for a good cause. This is a way for frat brothers or sorority sisters to do something worthwhile for a local community. It also enhances the image and educates the public that being Greek is not simply about getting together for late-night parties or Sunday brunches. An example of this type of project is a summer reading program where a sorority collaborates with a local library to provide incentives or recognition to children who read a certain number of books over the summer.

When homecoming rolls around each group can share the good news about the exciting activities, they have been involved in and how others have benefited. This is just one way to stay connected and spark a little friendly competition among groups to put together projects that will enhance the lives of others.



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