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5 Tools Everyone In a Fraternity Should Be Using

5 Tools Everyone In a Fraternity Should Be Using

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3548d45495342fb261ba9e96a98a290bCollege is the first step into adulthood that a student makes. Once you step foot onto that college campus the world is at your fingertips. You can come and go as you please and there is no one there to stand in your way. For some this new found freedom can be a hindrance as they lose focus on their studies and succumb to the pressures of living life parent free. A way for young men to have fun and live among like-minded individuals is to join a fraternity on campus. There are various Greek fraternities to choose from all over the United States. Some of the largest fraternities by member size are Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha, Beta Theta Pi, and Alpha Phi Alpha. Being a member of one of these prestigious organizations comes with its benefits and responsibilities. This is why it is essential that each frat member carry with him the necessary tools to live a successful life as a fraternity brother.


To begin a fraternity brother must have a sense of loyalty to his organization. He must be willing to help a brother in need at all times. Greek life is based on the brotherhood. Your fellow line men look to you for guidance and leadership. If you are not loyal to your brothers who will you ever be loyal to? In that aspect one should always be prepared to share information regarding the fraternity as well as academic knowledge pertaining to the college or university you attend. Fraternity members should also remain honest at all times. As a member of a Greek organization you are held to a certain level of accountability and it is up to each individual member to showcase integrity. As a college student your life is ahead of you and you don’t want to at an early age ruin your reputation. A bad reputation is easy to get and hard to rectify.

loyal friend

In addition to loyalty and honesty a fraternity brother must also be committed to his community. Knowing what all community events are being held and how the fraternity can help out is essential. Whether its painting houses are cleaning up parks it‚Äôs necessary for the fraternity to get out and show the community they are more than a name.  A major part of being in a fraternity is showcasing respect for your peers. There are so many bad representations of Greek life it is important to show the good side. Men it is never cool to call female derogatory names or sexually harass her. Its behaviors like this that causes a fraternity to get back-listed.

get all the good grades

Last but not least as a member of a distinguished fraternity you must stay on top of your academics. The foundation that Greek organizations were built on was academics. Maintaining good grades as well as being involved in the community is all responsibilities of being a frat. Overall joining a fraternity has many perks but it also has responsibilities. At all times each member of a fraternity should be using loyalty, honesty, commitment to the community, respect, as well as a commitment to academia.


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