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Tips to Recruit for Male Fraternities

Tips to Recruit for Male Fraternities

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nice girls reqruitingBefore you go out recruiting, know what it is that you are looking for. You want to be specific in your needs but draw in as many men as possible that seem to fit your criteria. In order to understand what you are looking for, know the atmosphere the fraternity you are doing the recruiting for is trying to support. In such a diverse world, knowing exactly what your demographic is will go a long way. Do research on fraternity you want to recruit for if you were not a member, if you are one then put your experience to good use.

At times it can be difficult to discern the type of person a fraternity is looking for. It is always good to focus on your main needs first. Are there any office holders leaving, such as any of the student leadership roles you can ascertain. These roles are primary needs, worthy candidates for these positions are always worth pursuing if you get the chance.

You want to make sure that you are replacing the future leaders in training, as well as who will replace yourself when you are ready to move on from being a recruiter. Target intelligent individuals that can maintain eye contact and carry on a conversation. Once you meet with candidates, look into their grades, question them about extra-curricular activities, and give them a clear set of expectations. Tell them from the beginning exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Be up front but not discouraging, express the success of other members of the fraternity. Tell candidates about the history of your society and the role they have played in relevant major events. It is always encouraging to know what a fraternity has to offer in way of prestige. No man wants to join a fraternity just to be another “”frat guy,”” they want opportunities to strive in the future. Make sure to boast the benefits of joining your order.

Be sure to project confidence when you are promoting, it is important to have character. Do not just rely on words, people want to feel like you mean what you say. Sell your fraternity but more importantly sell yourself, it is not a problem to make friends. Being friendly to new candidates once they are interested will ensure that they stick around to find out more. Once you have had a formal greeting and decide they fit what you are looking for, it is time begin acquainting yourself with them.


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