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Keeping Your Seniors Involved & Why It’s Good For Your Chapter

Keeping Your Seniors Involved & Why It’s Good For Your Chapter

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everybody is neededWhen senior year comes, it can be hard to keep excited about school.  You have put in years upon years of studying, long hours, and test taking.  To be quite frank, you are ready to just get the year over with and prepare for the future.  However, with that type of thinking, you might miss out on some great events and great friendships in your sorority.  You become complacent and appear rather standoffish to the new students that are coming in, and it sets a bad tone for the final year.  It is important to finish school how you started it: with class, dignity, respect, and hard work.


That is why the other members of the sorority must make sure to engage and spend time with the seniors.  It keeps their interest level high and sends them off feeling happy, satisfied, and ready for the future.  They don’t want to look back on it and feel like it was a year that was wasted or taken for granted.  Sometimes we don’t know what we have until it is gone and taken from us.  Then we wish we could go back in time and relive that year and do it all over again.  Sadly, that is not possible.  That is why it is of utmost importance to keep the seniors engaged, interested, and excited in senior year.  It should be a year of looking back and looking forward while also staying in the moment.

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It is quite a momentous accomplishment to have graduated from college. It was four years of blood, sweat, and tears.  It is up to the seniors to pass the torch to the next generation of sorority sisters.  They look up to the seniors after all, and they need to look up to them as role models who took their roles seriously and never took a day off.  That way, you are leaving behind a legacy and something to be proud of with your college years.  You are setting an example for the younger generation and giving them something to aspire to be in the future.  Isn’t it a wonderful thing to be someone that radiates grace and class?


It is important to get the seniors to truly smell the roses, appreciate the moment, and not take a single second of it for granted.  After all, this is the one and only senior year.  They will want to look back on it with fond memories and have stories to tell all of their children and grandchildren.  You can keep them interested by always engaging with them, talking with them, and keeping things fun and loose.  Don’t be afraid to throw some surprises their way or reach out them in ways you never had in the past.  You can always think outside the box for ways to keep seniors interested.  It boosts morale and creates an environment of love, friendship, and happiness.  There are few things more rewarding than that in this lifetime.  It is something to cherish and behold.

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