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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Fraternity Life

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Fraternity Life

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fraternity barbequeWhen you are new to college, you are saddled with some pretty big decisions right out of the gate. Before you even attend your first class you have to decide where to live, decide what classes you want, and whether or not to join a fraternity. Choosing a fraternity can have a real impact on how your overall time at college goes, and many freshman are simply not even aware how much of a positive impact it could have. The problem is many of these guys have been given terrible advice about fraternity life, and it affects the way they make their decisions. Here are just a few pieces of bad advice some of these kids are struggling with during their first hours on campus.


The Bad Influences

It really is shocking how many people still believe that all fraternities are based closely after the characters on Animal House. People who have no idea about all the positive relationships and friendships you can make, simply think its drinking, drugs, and parties all the time. When freshman are told to avoid fraternities because of the bad influences, it really is robbing them of the chance to connect with new brothers who will be their for them through their college days and many times become lifelong friends. These friends can help push each other to succeed and grow during those college years.


Ruining Your Reputation

Some of the worst advice about joining a fraternity has to be it will hurt your resume. This could not be further from the truth, yet people with little or no real understanding of the fraternity life continue to claim it will have a negative impact when the freshman enters the job market. The truth is that many businesses actually believe that fraternities do produce some of the more outstanding members of society. Many fraternities actually require that a student maintain a certain GPA in order to stay a member. The days of getting straight F’s and partying through seven years of college are strictly for Hollywood.

fratenity friends

Giving Back to Communities

It is still shocking that many people continue to tell their children to avoid the fraternities because they are nothing more than party houses that offer nothing in value to the campus or surrounding city. The truth of the matter is that many fraternities actually consider community service one of the main aspects of their membership. Taking time to do services throughout the community are well organized and often appreciated by the city councils. These efforts often do not go unnoticed, and reflect highly when the student enters the job market.


Many people who continue to give this terrible advice to freshman are simply uninformed and basically stealing an opportunity for these kids to really better themselves. Parents who are telling the kids they must consider university housing because it is cheaper are again not getting all the facts. The truth is that fraternity housing is usually much less expensive that living in the campus dorms. Freshman should consider talking with guys who have been there before them and stop taking the advice of people who watch too much television or still believe the movies are how fraternity life really is.

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