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Understanding Sorority Rituals

Understanding Sorority Rituals

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Your ritual can teach you a lot about your sorority. There is more to a ritual than meets the eyes, embedded in the whole process is a deeper meaning than you may suspect. It may prove interesting to read about your founding sorority members: what they believes, who they were, and what they did. Another place to look is in the name of the ritual, often their are clues left behind as to what the intentions of most rituals are, either in the literature about them or in the actual rituals themselves. Most rituals run a lot deeper than you would think and may even stem from practices in ancient times.

Never just take rituals you perform when initiating new members at face value. Do not just go throw the motions just for the sake of doing so, it is important that the ritual(s) you choose to perform suit the culture of your society. Be proud of the heritage of your sisterhood, be ready to explain to others just exactly why they should feel honored to go through these rituals. There was a reason somebody chose at some point in history to include this ritual in the induction of new members, do not let those rich traditions go to waste, they mean a lot to the founding of the beliefs of your sorority.

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Names are always important. Think intellectually about what the name of your ritual implies, it is going to say a lot in how other societies and potential candidates view you. It is going to say a lot if your initiation rituals are centered around spirituality, intellectuality, or even emotionality. Generally it one of these three realms that your ritual will pertain to if not multiple. Know what your ritual means at all costs, you do not want to promote a culture that you can not support.

All rituals have intentions behind them. You want the members of your society that go through these rituals to somehow feel different afterwards. The feelings your initiates get when they go through these rituals is going to say a lot about your sorority in the present and how you are going to be viewed into the future. It is important you be aware of just what exactly it is the people who created this ritual meant for it to represent. Remember, people are going to pick up on exactly what you are doing, so make sure you are aware of exactly just what it is your sorority stands for.


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