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Dress Up: Best Shoe Choice For Formal Events

Dress Up: Best Shoe Choice For Formal Events

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shoes for formalWhen it comes to a formal dance, you want to make sure that everything is perfect for the event. Whether your sorority is throwing the event or you are just attending it, there are going to be dozens of girls attending it that you need make sure you look good for. While you are dressing up for your date, you also are dressing up to make sure the other girls take notice as well. While your dress is going to be the focal point of your outfit, there are shoes you need to consider as well. There are different kinds of shoes you are able to dress up with, and with these shoes you are able to make sure you look just as good as ever. Of course, different shoes are going to account for different kinds of formals. This way, you can always look your best and also remain as comfortable as possible.

If you are attending a formal where you catch a ride to the event (such as a taxi or your date’s vehicle) and you basically are spending the majority of the time there, without having to change locations, you want to look at heels. It is a bit of a challenge to dance with heels, but when you are mingling with others, this not only is going to give you height, but it is also going to make your legs look incredibly sexy. No matter how much you work out, heels are able to push up your calf muscles and give you that complete  tone look. When wearing a dress that shoves off your caves, this is even better, as people will take notice.

If the formal is scheduled to move around a bit and go to different locations, you might want something that allows you to walk a bit. This doesn’t mean you need to switch over to flats or something, but just opt into something that is a bit less height demanding. This way, you are able to still gain some height and improve upon your calves, all without giving up your complete sense of balance. You know those girls who complain about having to walk in heels? Don’t be one of those girls. They choose to wear them when they knew they would be walking around. This way, you can still remain comfortable while dancing and walking, yet still maintain an excellent look as well.

When you want to dance the night away but your heels are not going to allow you to do so, make sure to pack in some roll up flats into your purse. These roll ups take up very little room and you can place them anywhere. This way, you can still have a great time while you are dancing at the formal. After all, you are going to the event in order to be seen and to dance. After you have been seen, it is time to dance. There is no shame in switching your footwear when the music starts.


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