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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Sororities

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Sororities

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harmony in the sorority No matter where you are or who you live with, there will always be disagreements and problems.  It is important to remember that each individual is unique, with different values, even sorority sisters.   Along with different personalities, each individual may often see an issue differently from another, so it is difficult to avoid problems.

By becoming mindful of important aspects such as these you will be more tolerant and open when it comes to unpleasant sorority situations that brew.  Tolerance is all about being able to accept other individuals for who they are.  Do not confuse acceptance with approving a sorority sister’s negative behavior patterns.  This is simply being accepting of who they are as an individual and knowing that you cannot control another individual’s behavior or values.  By practicing a few of these tips you can resolve any problems that arise with your sorority, before they become out of control.

Always respect others and do not toss someone aside simply if you disagree about an issue.  Remember to treat others as you wish to be treated.  Simple but it is the truth.  None of us have come from the same background or have been raised the same.  We are all shaped by our environment and what is ‚Äúnormal‚Äù to us is different to someone else so we must learn to respect differences.

Become an active listener.  Many times we think we are listening but we are not.  We may look at the person speaking to us while our mind wanders off; preventing us from truly hearing what another is saying.  Focus on the individual and listen.  After they speak, reflect and restate what they have said (this will ensure to the other individual that you were listening and that you understand what they stated).

 acceptance in sororities

Create an environment of acceptance and harmony with your sorority family.  By being sure that your surroundings brim of tolerance, the willingness to believe in others and serenity, you will enable other sorority members to be at peace with themselves and become more accepting of others and their viewpoints. This environment will make others feel more confident and safe.

No matter what erupts within your sorority, try to keep a sense of humor while practicing tolerance.  At times it can drive you crazy to accept others for who they are.  Also understand that they indeed may never change.  We never know what life will deliver to us so we must try and enjoy it.  If you offer a good sense of humor and absolute acceptance of individuals you will find a good balance in your day to day college and sorority activities. Also learn to let go of small things and try to forgive.

Implementing these acts into your life will help everyone to learn to get along with not only your sorority family but all individuals who you will meet in life. Not only will these behaviors improve many of your relationships but you will find that you have become a more content and happier individual.”


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