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Why should I be a TCM on my campus?

$200 Monthly Payment Great resume builder! Be Involved in Nationwide Marketing and Advertising Campaign Earn National Awards to further build resume opportunities “Bragging rights” Don’t sit an office and file papers for your internship! Do something Fun! Work the networks you already have amongst your fellow Greeks! Hook ups! (Cash, apparel, electronics, trips, and more!) Possible Full Time Position upon graduation! Receive School Credit Experience!

How It Works

What does a Greek Campus Manager do?

You’ll be in charge of managing a brand awareness campaign on your campus. You will be actively spreading the word about Greeks365 awesome services to assist Greek’s with their Greek Formals and other Group Travel events! We will use some cool and innovative techniques to create awareness through your campuses different departments and through your already established social network.

What's the suggested time commitment?

That really depends on the type of leader you are on your campus. We all know that having a role within your chapter and other organizations does not have an hourly limit, so nor does this position. We do realize the busy life of a Greek College student, because we were in your shoes at one time. You have your studies, work, leadership roles, updating your Facebook status etc …but we also know what it takes to accomplish goals and we’ll work with you and your schedule to ensure we make it happen. Greeks365 does not ask for 10 hours a week, or 20 hours per week. We’ll give you some tasks to complete and you’ll report directly to Greeks365 Management every two weeks by filling out a simple online marketing report.

Can I get school credit for my internship?

Absolutely, Greeks365 has completed many accredited internships with several departments in the past, and we’re happy to work with your department to do the same for you. 

What's the job description?

Greeks365 is looking for student leaders within the Greek community. The position is for a chosen one or two students who have shown Greek leadership within their organization and others (IFC, Pan-Hellenic, student clubs, Student Government, etc). Are you Social, an elected officer in your chapter, IFC, PHC, or other clubs? Then this is perfect for you!

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